Does The Type of Vacuum Matter When Cleaning a Hardwood Floor?

Hardwood floors are a great style statement as far as home interiors are concerned. It is, therefore, only natural that you should like to have hardwood in your home if you already do not have them.But you may also have heard that they need special maintenance as compared to other types of floors. So, does that mean that you need to buy special kind of equipment for maintaining your hardwood floor?

Basic Cleaning

As far as basic cleaning of the hardwood floors are concerned, a vacuum cleaner is any day preferable to a traditional broom and mop. The vacuum works through suction. It therefore avoids rubbing the dirt and grime against the floor while cleaning, unlike a broom. This helps prevent scratching.

Hardwood Floor

Having decided on having a vacuum for cleaning your hardwood, the next thing that you would be asking yourself is whether you need any special kind of vacuum cleaner. After all, there are a large number of vacuums in the market, which are specially recommended for use on hardwood floors.

What are the conditions, if any, that such vacuum cleaners need to satisfy in order to qualify?

1. Ability to prevent scratches:

  • Because the vacuum acts by suction, the likelihood of its scratching the floor is relatively low.However, if it has a rotary brush with thick bristles, or a beater brush, these can easily cause scratches.If the model that you like comes with such a brush, at least make sure that it has a mechanism to switch it off.Otherwise, your lovely hardwood floor is likely to have ugly scratches after cleaning a couple of times.
  • It is also advisable to see if a cleaning surface with felt covering is provided. This can replace your traditional mop and help prevent scratching.
  • If the vacuum cleaner is of the heavier type, which has to be moved around, it is important to ensure that it has rubber wheels, preferably with extra padding, to prevent scratching of the floor.

2. Suction power

The more the suction power, the better the cleaning power of the machine. So, choose a cleaner with adequate suction power.

3. Special attachments

The vacuum that you choose has to have attachments that enable you to clean the crevices on the floor, as also the tubes and nozzles to reach all corners of your floor.

4. Weight

The heavy weight vacuum cleaners have to be dragged across the floor and are likely to cause scratching of the floor in the process. Although, like mentioned earlier, this can be minimized with rubber wheels, perhaps it would be wiser to choose a machine that can be more easily carried around, like a canister, stick or handheld.

By doing so, this risk can be eliminated altogether.Moreover, they are also easier to handle and more maneuverable than their heavier counterparts.

While there are certain features that you should be looking for while shopping, choosing a vacuum cleaner for hardwood floors also depends on other influencing factors like the price, past experience, and advice from friends and other shoppers.

Whatever your concerns or constraints, you can still choose the best vacuum for your home by following simple hardwood floor tips and guidelines, and provide that little extra care that your hardwood floor deserves.


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