Hoover LiNX Cordless Stick Vacuum BH50010W: What It Does Best

Don’t you just get frustrated with stick vacuum reviews that are clogged up with so many irrelevant and complex details? You can hardly figure out how good the product is. Well, here’s a straight-forward review that shows you what is unique and particularly valuable in the Hoover LiNX BH50010W.

One of the Best Stick Vacuums in Carpet Cleaning

CarpetEvidently, a combination of its powered brush roll, WindTunnel technology and wide-cleaner mouth enables the Hoover LiNX to produce much better carpet cleaning results than most other stick vacuums and that isn’t just based on one review. Quite a number of independent reviews that have tested the performance of this vacuum have highlighted its exemplary performance.

It is comparable even to some canister vacuums in the marketplace.

As indicated by Hoover, the WindTunnel technology certainly plays a significant role, since it helps prevent dirt from scattering back onto the floor.

Among the Best on Hardwood Floors

You would certainly feel a tinge of disappointment if such a great vacuum, which does an excellent job on the much tougher carpet surface, didn’t have a good enough brush roll to convert from carpet to hardwood cleaning.

Fortunately, this vacuum does have a carpet-to-hardwood brush roll. What’s even better, the brush roll’s on-off switch is conveniently located right at your finger tips. And yes, the vacuum does perform better than most other similar varieties, in hardwood cleaning.

Dust Bin Volume – a Necessary Win

Honestly, if it failed in dust bin volume – despite winning in carpet and hardwood floor cleaning – it would likely be an overall loss. Considering that so much dirt is sucked up so fast, the stick vacuum does need a large enough compartment to accommodate it all.

The only reason you should be going off to empty the dust bin is so you can work on a new floor area, not to come back to the same spot. Fortunately, you’re unlikely to experience interruptions when cleaning, since the capacity is more than double the capacity of several other stick vacuums.

But Don’t Dismiss It Based on Price

The Energy Star revealed that the price of residential-use stick vacuums in the market range between $30 and $300. With a price of about $100 or so, the Hoover LiNX definitely isn’t a high-end product, but don’t assume that makes it of lower quality than any high-end product out there.

Indeed, Energy Star goes further to reveal that technological advances in manufacturing processes have made it possible to deliver better quality (in terms of efficiency and performance) without increasing price.

Apparently, all these characteristics fit in perfectly with the aspects many consumers value most in vacuum cleaners, based on a survey by the NPD Group:

  • The vacuum’s carpet cleaning capacity shows its suctioning power.
  • The conveniently accessible brush roll’s on-off switch makes it easy to use.
  • Being a light-weight cordless stick vacuum, its’ very mobile.
  • It’s also a durable product with a 2-year warranty.

You would avoid going through costly disappointments by figuring out exactly what makes a particular product truly valuable before buying it. From this evaluation, you wouldn’t be disappointed after buying the BH50010W from Hoover, if you’re in search of a quality, medium-priced stick-vacuum-workhorse.