Finding The Best Vacuum For Pet Hair

If you love pets and you keep them in your home, you are probably aware about the difficulties of keeping your house smelling nice and your carpet clean. Unless your pets are hairless, you will have a problem at all times when their hair sticks to all things that you have in your home. You will realize that the carpet is the most difficult place for you to remove hair from if there are hardwood tiles or floors in your entire house but fortunately, you can find a good pet vacuum from the wide variety of places that the market offers.

You are probably asking yourself how to know which vacuum is the best when it comes to cleaning your pet’s hair. Well, there is no simple answer to your question because you need to consider many factors when you want to shop for a pet vacuum. Manufacturers are improving the models that they produce on a constant basis.

When you want to find a pet vacuum, you should remember that many vacuums might be effective when it comes to the removal of pet fur even if they do not specifically advertise it. In addition, many models are usually effective when they are brand new but they quickly lose their ability to clean as they age.

Factors to Consider

  • Suction – You are probably wondering about the things that make a vacuum suitable for pet hair. Obviously, suction is very important in all vacuums. You will not remove any pet fur if it is not there. Because of the numerous attachments available, top rated canister vacuums tend to be great in this department for focused suction strength.
  • The airwatt – The airwatt is the standard unit for measuring suction. Unfortunately, most manufacturers who specialize in the production of lower end vacuums refuse to disclose the airwatt suction that their vacuums have. They list the watts that the vacuum motor has in order to confuse consumers.